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Hell's Gifts II
Hell’s Gifts II

All we wanted was to be business professionals, now we hunt down demons instead.

A seemingly invincible enemy takes the fight to the next level, threatening multiple planes of existence.

Terrible secrets are revealed, new friends are made and new powers are acquired.

Will our heroes save the day?

Hard to say, when all they believed to be true turned out to be a lie.

Hell’s Gifts

In 2071, where corporations rule…
…there’s a threat greater than anyone knows.

Will Emma’s social awkwardness keep her from saving humanity?

It’s hard to make friends in a digital world. Emma has grown up in a society that frowns on face-to-face interaction. People prefer the safety of Third Life virtual meetings. But she isn’t happy and wants desperately to be a successful businesswoman. There’s just one problem…

The best school doesn’t allow remote classes.
She will have to conquer her shyness.
In Europe everyone wants to go to EIBM, but the school is not what it seems. After she first arrives, Emma notices people heading into the woods at night. Should she follow them?

What are they doing?
Why is she having nightmares about magic?
Beware the demon’s gift because there is always a price.

You’ll love this YA horror story, because the threat is real, and Emma must learn to be strong. It’s a wonderful journey.

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Hell's Gifts
The Path to R
The Path to R

Frank Sneider has to run for his life.

At first, he thought colonizing the human world would be a breeze.
But being a demon and playing the part of the school dean turned out tricky.

Now, both allies and humans hate him.

So, he runs. But where to?

Little does he know this is just the beginning of an incredible adventure in which the fate of two worlds will entwine, raising the stakes of the incipient full-scale war.

The Path to R is the prequel to the series Hell’s Gifts, a fast paced, dark sci-fi story with horror elements that will leave you turning pages faster than you can catch your breath.

Tales of an untold past

Three classic fairy tales with a sci-fi twist.

A Little Stroll through the Woods
Little Red Riding Hood ventures in the woods in her house vicinity, headed to her granny. When she meets the wolf, something peculiar happens. Why he’s saying he met the girl before?

Little Thumb
Little Thumb is the younger member of a large family. When he realizes they have not enough food for everyone, he decides he will get rid of his parents.While doing that, he meets an Ogre that will completely change his plans.

Cat in a Box
Chi Bi has a package delivered at his door. When he opens it, a cat robot comes out of it. He says he comes from the future and Chi, himself, is his creator. Is that true? What does this peculiar creature want?

Want to know what happens next? Get all this now!

Tales of an untold past

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